Lakesha Woods

Writer, Actress & Public Speaker ~ Living Dreams!


Who is She?


    Lakesha Shontell Woods born May 6, the oldest of two children and raised in Carver Ranches a subdivision in West Park, Florida. Lakesha may be known as a socialite, and the daughter of Blues/Jazz guitarist Ike Woods, but since the age of 10 she has been finding her own way. She started at the age of 10 singing with an all girl gospel group called Cousin's Touch. Lakesha says, "We were just a group of cousin's who wanted to sing like our daddies The Woods formerly know as The Hollywood Stars".  Since the days of singing with Cousin's Touch Lakesha has become a well noted entertainment journalist, a versatile entertainer, mother and entrepreneur.  

She Sings
Growing up in the church Lakesha and her cousins were reared to sing gospel and R&B or secular music wasn't much of an option especially having fathers who were members of a national recording gospel group. Together with her cousins they sang as much as they could;  in their church and at other church programs or in the choir. Lakesha wrote the group’s first original song "Seek God".

She Acts
In 2004 Lakesha received her first start as an actress with Vision Entertainment formerly known as TH Entertainment. She was cast for the pilot sitcom "Soul City TV".  She was able to impress the director (Tim Hodge) with her ability to learn her lines fast. He quickly selected her to replace an extra who had a small speaking part. Then she was later cast for the part of Malinda in his feature horror film "Root of Evil".  The pilot "Soul City TV" aired on Comcast Cable in 2005.

She Writes

By 2006 Lakesha completely left the corporate world to pursue her dreams of becoming a full time entertainer. It was after she rediscovered her love for writing and singing that she decided to publish Enjoy Life Magazine online. Eagerly exploring the internet for subjects of interest, she took the advice of a friend and joined It wasn’t long before Lakesha began to search for all the talented voices and entertainers that inspired her. During her search she connected with celebrity talent manager Ian Grant and he introduced Lakesha to Grammy nominated Singer/Songwriter Calvin Richardson. He was later featured as Enjoy Life Magazine's first celebrity artist. This was the beginning of a brand new start for Enjoy Life Magazine and Lakesha's career as an Entertainment Journalist.

The article "Calvin Richardson - Music Man, Ladies Man, Business Man", gained much attention from Public Relations professionals, Celebrity Managers and entertainers from both the music and film industries. The interview gave her the leverage she needed secure interviews with other well known R&B artists such as Carl Thomas, Conya Doss, Tyrese Gibson, Hip Hop rapper Mr. 704, and Jazz sensation Pamela Hart, just to name a few.

When asked what she enjoys writing about, Lakesha said, "I like writing about things that are common - everyday situations that happen in my life." Through Enjoy Life Magazine, Lakesha writes the editorial column "Mind Body & Soul". She's also written several poems, essays and commentaries that have been published in literary magazines, online publications and in compilations with other authors. 

Her story doesn't stop there! Lakesha's latest projects include a poetry book titled I Love You Sweetheart. A lyrical songbook -  A Beautiful Way With Words, an anthology titled The Revelation of Real Love which is a collection of short stories and poems. For her romantic poetry fans she delivers a sultry collection of spoken word on her album titled "Love Spells Vol. 1"  which is available now! She has 3 children's books awaiting release: Who Ate the Last Cookie, COOKIE and A Friendly Joke. Some of her well noted essays and poems include: "All My Good Days", "Everybody Needs a Break", "Nature's Way",  and the"I Write" & the poem "What About My Heart". The essays, All My Good Days, Everybody Needs a Break and Nature's Way have been download and used by publishers over 500 times each since 2006. (Source's original website; 2006)

She is an Entrepreneur & Philanthropist

As an entrepreneur Lakesha spearheads her corporation (Elle May Ventures, Inc.) as CEO.  She's the president of a non profit organization GKR Music Mission and actively works in the community as a Youth Intervention Mentor. Her beliefs and passions have led to implement programs that advocate for the homeless, victims of domestic violence, higher education and child abuse. Presently Lakesha is developing the CORR HOPE  program which is offered through GKRMM. CORR HOPE aides individuals and families with food, clothing and temporary shelter.  Lakesha says, “God has given me a huge vision and at times, the fulfillment of some unfold without much effort, but never without a little faith. I think I can, so I do. I believe I am, and so I am.  I am who I want to be."