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Find Yourself

Posted on July 30, 2014 at 2:05 PM

Taking the time to learn yourself and your purpose in life will most likely be the best investment of time that you could make. Self-knowledge enables you to live a purpose driven life. It allows you to work toward things that are designed specifically for you to do. Find yourself ...

As a child I imagined growing up to do a few things. Many of the things I dared to dream of I was good at. So one could easily guess that I had a great chance at doing at least one of the things that I was talented at. But, when you're trying to do everything at one time it's like throwing wet paper up against the wall and waiting to see which pieces are going to stick. Multitasking while doing things that are within your calling is totally different from multitasking while working on anything and everything. It works for some people, but being spread thin has never worked for me. So I decided to answer my calling and take one step at a time; setting small goals and achieving them one at a time. Small milestones achieved will eventually lead to huge goals accomplished.

Today, I'm single, I'm not dating ... don't even have a boo thang. I'm aspiring to be a family woman. There were times in my life when I literally fought hard to be the 'career woman'. I didn't want to be known as just a mom or just a wife. What I've realized is that I was meant to be a mother - so I embrace motherhood. That's just one example; I know that I was meant to be a writer and do other things as well. I'm just hoping that you understand that the sooner you find yourself, the easier it will be to answer the calling for your life.

Road blocks will come, it's not always easy. Last year after I drank my last glass of wine I decided that I didn't want to drink alcohol any more. It wasn't exactly the easiest walk in the park. There were times when I was lonely and I thought to myself that a glass of wine would be comforting. There were times when I would be walking in the grocery store and I'd pass the wine isle. Man, I wanted to take $2.00 many days and just pick up one of those cocktail pouches of Pina colada, but, I didn't do it. I made up my mind to stop and this year - this month made 1 WHOLE YEAR since I've been alcohol free.

Self discovery does not stop at a specific age or when 2 or 3 goals are met. Self discovery happens as you live. So your focus may change and that's okay, but when you refocus stay on course so you can arrive to your destination.

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