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On any given day I feel as sweet as sugar as hot as a spice and sometimes I'm cool as ice. I'm changing, just evolving into a different kind of woman. I'm older and wiser now. My life is different; I'm no longer a mother of little children. I'm a mother of young adults and I will soon have an empty nest. What will I do? Where will I go? All I know is that I still have more life to live, more experiences to gain, and more stories to tell. Enjoy the read and don't forget to comment when you can!

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My Time

Posted on February 3, 2018 at 9:50 AM Comments comments (0)

My time is all that I really own, and the time I have today is not guaranteed. "What is real?", I ask myself. Only this moment, this moment that I am in, it is real, it is here, it is my now. So, I remind myself to slow down, to take a break, to live here, in this time, in this place, to be grateful, to enjoy THIS day... to enjoy my time. The next minute, hour or day is not guaranteed to be mine. No matter how much I may plan for it, I have to wait until I arrive IN it to actually live out my preconceived notions.

Knowing this, I owe it to myself to live the life that I want to live. To be the person that I want to be, to use my time wisely, to spend some time on me. I won't let the world, people, places or things rob me (ever again) of MY TIME!

I want to be free and in reality we are all free, but it is the uncertainty of not knowing what tomorrow will bring that keeps so many of us chasing tomorrow instead of living today. A constant cycle of planning, preparing, worrying, being unsatisfied and ungrateful for what we have right now. Oh if I had only known then, what I know now I would have, should have and could have, but that's alright. I have this moment, this time right now and with it, I plan to move a little slower... I'm in no rush for tomorrow, cause it might not come, but I have today and I plan to absorb it like a sponge absorbs water from a surface. I want to spend my time on me... 

Inspired by a thought to treat myself to a movie, a walk in the mall and a day with my phone turned off. ;)

Dream Board

Posted on April 25, 2017 at 4:30 PM Comments comments (0)

I found this on a site that I no longer use. I remember making this and now I'm thinking it's time to make a new one. Have you ever made a dream board or vision board? If you have, was it helpful to you?

Tuesday's Story

Posted on April 25, 2017 at 9:00 AM Comments comments (0)

Have you ever heard the saying 'Mother's know best'? Well, I've found it to be true on many occasions. When I saw these little ones just standing still looking and giving her their undivided attention; I thought the moment depicted...

just how much attention we should give to our own mothers. Some people may argue that mothers don't know everything or that they don't always have the right answers. This is true, but honor the ones that do their very best. You only get one... #tuesdaysstory #ducklings #mothers

What's Your Special Tea?

Posted on April 24, 2017 at 9:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Today make your special-tea "spreading love". Spread love and not hate, spread good news, and less gossip, spread hope and diminish fear.

Good morning love... good morning love... GOOD MORNING #LOVE! My morning cup starts with #pureleaftea #chaitea #creamorlemon #teaparty #iloveyousweetheart #begood

News - Lakesha Woods NBC 2 Fort Myers FL

Posted on April 24, 2017 at 2:05 PM Comments comments (0)

Lakesha Woods Shares New Book 'I Love You Sweetheart at a Place She Calls Special - Carver Ranches Library

Carver Ranches Library presents Lakesha Woods as guest author during romance month. Her book I Love You Sweetheart is a romantic collection of poetry and prose.

HOLLYWOOD, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, April 17, 2017 / -- She's most known for her work as an entertainment journalist with Enjoy Life Magazine. She's interviewed celebrities and entertainers from around the world. Now, Lakesha Woods, the author has recently released her latest book 'I Love You Sweetheart.' The native Floridian grew up in South Florida in the neighborhood of Carver Ranches. Woods will soon return home to debut her book at Carver Ranches Library during romance month. Lakesha expressed that she is honored to be the library's guest author. She said, "I received my very first library card from Carver Ranches Library. The library has always been a great resource for me."

Read the full story here ...

Tips for Safe Online Dating

Posted on March 17, 2017 at 8:35 AM Comments comments (1)

In today’s world, the internet and social media networks are common ways for people to meet others for business and pleasure. Unfortunately, the risks are high, and sometimes people forget to take precautions when communicating with strangers online. As the saying goes, ‘it’s easier to talk to strangers,' and it’s even easier to get caught up in a good chat.  Every day thousands of people unintentionally share personal details online, and some end up suffering the consequences of their online behavior.

Some online daters even feel comfortable enough to exchange phone numbers after sending and receiving several instant messages. It starts out as a harmless quick chat. You think - sure, I’d like to hear a voice to go along with that picture.  However, you never expect what could happen next if the chemistry just isn’t there. What if they’re persistent and they continue to call you even after you’ve decided that you’re not interested? Of ‘course, you could block their number, and it would go straight to voicemail, but now you have ten new voicemails every day! On the other hand, you may luck out and meet someone who is completely sane, understanding and respectful. The choice is always yours, but here are some tips to dating online that may protect you from being taken advantage of or annoyed in the long run.


Tip #1 Protect Your Information

Unless you have a business, you shouldn’t have your real number displayed online.  Try using a voicemail number or a forwarding number. Only give out your real phone number after meeting offline. After the first date if you feel comfortable with moving forward, then give it to them.  During the early stages of online dating; if you must hear a voice, start with a video chat. Video chatting is free. You can hear and see each other, and this also allows you to verify who the person is in the picture. Requesting a video chat is also the best way to throw a catfish back in the water!


Tip # 2 No Personal Photos

Try to reserve personal photos with your family, coworkers, and home for a later date.  You probably already have some photos like this on social media networks; you may want to consider how much of yourself you want to share online. Understandably, nobody wants to look boring, so go ahead and show off a little, but stick to the basics. Pictures that show you in action are good, but only if you're in public places.  Don’t show pictures that include you at a front door or mailbox with an address on them!


Tip #3 Ask Questions that Matter

Unless you perform a complete background check and live with a person, you won’t know everything about them.  Nevertheless, it will pay off in the long run to at least verify that they are who they represent themselves to be on their profile. Ask important questions, below are some examples:


How old are you?

In a perfect world, people would volunteer their driver license or identification, but that’s just not going to happen while chatting online, not unless the person is naïve. So, you have to do your part to protect yourself. Be smart, if someone tells you that they are 28 years old, but you can clearly see them in pictures dressed in cap-and-gown, along with friends from this year’s graduating senior class– keep it moving! Now, if you just can’t tell, ask for their birth year; if you’re uncomfortable dating someone that looks "too young” then maybe that’s just not the person for you. On the other hand, if you like what you see, but you just want to be sure then run their name through one of the background search engines. Don’t be sneaky about it, though.

You may want to say something like this: What year were you born? Wow, you look great! I don’t believe it! I’m going to have to look you up online!

Chances are they will laugh and take it as a compliment. Take that moment to look them up quickly and when you find them let the person know that you verified their age and that you are impressed with how well they’ve taken care of themselves. If it turns out that they are lying about their age, whether they lied about being younger or older this is your queue to exit. Verifying someone's identity that is not a celebrity or a public figure could be a difficult task. If nothing comes back from your search, ask for identification before you go any further. Tell them to make a copy and strike out their home address and driver license number or identification number. Make it an even trade by offering to do the same for them. If they aren’t willing to provide ID and you can’t verify their age by any other means, just move on. It is better to be safe than sorry.


Do you have children?

Why ask, everybody loves kids right? Wrong, everybody does not love children, and you may just be the person who isn’t ready to be a step-mom or step-dad. Perhaps, you may be looking for someone who has children just like you, either way, ask the question. If there is no common ground, move on quickly.


What’s do you do for a living?

People exaggerate all the time. Well, let’s just call a spade a spade, people tell lies all the time! Be bold, ask the question, and if the response is vague, ask them to tell you their specific occupation. Don’t force them to tell you what location, but at least get an answer. If you chat long enough, you will soon see if they’re an executive or someone looking for an executive to scam.


What’s your location?

Be practical; don’t start a long distance relationship if that’s not what you want. 


Can we video chat?

Remember, when you video chat you are verifying that the person in the picture is who they claim to be. Take your time, but don’t take too long – get a glimpse of the individual you are sending flying hearts!

Online dating has stages just like dating offline. Everything ‘next’ happens when you’ve reached another level of comfort with that person. So, when you’re comfortable make your next move. Online dating can be like ‘hide and seek,' but if you play fair, it will feel more like show and tell.